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      Anhui Kangfei
      New Energy Technology Co., Ltd

      R & D, sales, technical consultation and technical services of new energy materials and power parts;More than 10 years experience in new energy alternative fuel engine and auto / engineering vehicle parts and systems integration Import and export business of all kinds of new energy products and technologiesHydrogen transportation equipment, hydrogen distribution system equipment......

      • 90

        Covering 90% of the provinces and municipalities directly under the central government
      • 100

        Hundreds of first and second tier cities
      • 500

        Hundreds of cooperation cases, including Weichai Yuchai Dongfeng Cummins and other automobile and engine companies
      • Our understanding of quality is to fully meet all requirements and expectations of customers.
      • We always supply goods to customers in accordance with the time, quantity and technical specifications agreed with customers.
      • In order to meet our customers' wishes in the future, we are committed to constantly improving our service processes and products.
      • We are committed to training our employees to ensure that their behavior meets the standards.
      • We know that quality is not an accident, but a constant improvement in our daily work.
      • Quality can be designed and must be completed in each process. We are responsible for the quality of our work.